Time management

Yes, today in the era of speed and technology, the era of the Internet, universe and space sciences, and we’ve become living in great luxury, almost everything is possible, where we can get what we want in the least time and with the highest quality, and all that the world has reached today is one of the fruits of time management, which helped the transition To this stage of modernity and luxury, and therefore the peoples of the developed world’s, sanctify time and respect every minute and every second in it, and give it a great importance we will talk about the importance of time management in this article.
Anyone or everyone who needs guidance and support with their management of multiple tasks and timeframes, especially those who work in a demanding work environment such as working in procurement or those who perform front line operations (the most important operations in organizations).
At the end of the course, the participant will be able to achieve the following benefits: Gain the ability to understand time from a new perspective/ Dealing with existing constraints in order to manage the job/ load Form appropriate Understanding how to apply a set of best practice standards for effective time management/ Knowing the impact of course participants’ time on co-workers’ time and plans for more coherence in workloads/Develop a personal action plan to achieve a better work balance to get tasks done on time.
Course content: Recent trends in human resource management/ Introduction to time management /Principles of time and self-management/ Identifying and managing peak physiological time performance/ Saying no and negotiation solutions /Prioritizing workload and key tasks/ How to make a daily and monthly time investment agenda/ Factors Wasted decision-making time /Principles of time investment /Principles of task planning/Planning and prioritizing workload /Delegating tasks Assigning tasks to be delegated/ Solutions for effective time management /Stressors faced in the work environment /Methods and techniques for managing and time Time management obstacles / Ten Commandments of Time Management

Note: Technical courses vary according to recent developments in their time and the target group of trainees

Number of hours: 16 training hours
course work