The foundations of persuasion and influence on others

Through this course, you will learn about the concept of persuasion and its types, the elements of the persuasion process, the field of persuasion and its importance and how to use it in various matters of our lives so that you can reach a degree of persuasion with your ideas and goals, and as a result gain respect and appreciation in the community around you, and thus become one of the strongest influential personalities

. Whether you deal with superiors, colleagues, employees, or senior management, the ability to earn respect, influence people, and collaborate is absolutely essential to career success, in this Persuasive skills training you will focus on the essential elements of influencing others when there is a lack of power – Personality, Persuasion and Negotiation

The course aims to: Learn how to persuade and get the results you’re looking for without delegating/ Create or restore credibility so you can start influencing people Effectively/use your own power base to persuade others /Understand the person you’re trying to influence – and convince them through The give and take concept / Develop and grow relationships inside and outside your organization / Create a collaborative work environment for faster and better results / Let differences in communication work for you, not against you / Successfully sell your ideas and implement changes / Achieving trust, give-and-take relationships up, down and across the organization / Influencing people While dropping self-confidence without being pushy / Adapting your style to the person or situation you are dealing with / Identifying different negotiation styles that enhance winning outcomes

Main target groups and beneficiaries of Influencing Skills and Using Negotiation Techniques Course / This persuasion and influence course is ideal for new managers or supervisors who need to get work done through others / or who need to convince someone else to buy into an idea or follow up on a demand.

Note: The courses vary according to recent developments in their time and the target group of trainees


Number of hours: 24 training hours
course work