The Art of Presentation and Dialogue

Objectives: Getting rid of hesitation and fear of speaking in front of the public / Good preparation and how to present an able and distinguished speech / How to start the speech and the best speaking methods / • Good preparation for the personality and positive presentation methods / Communication with audience relations with effective presentation / Presentation skills and cognitive and educational influence / Public meeting management Effective speech / Preparing the topic, delivering and speaking fluently / Interacting with the meeting environment and the state of the audience / Methods of presentation and communication with the audience and speaking with a meaningful speech / How to deliver the goals of speeches to the audience / Make your decision How to start the speech and the next stage of the speech and cover all your topic.
Content: How to prepare yourself to get rid of fears / How to prepare yourself to get rid of fears / Prepare your thinking to formulate the sermon / Interact with your sermon, presentation and contain it / Deliver the sermon and present it to / Everything you need before you start the sermon and conversation / Preparing education and the topic of diction and lectures / Reviewing for performance For the subject and diversification of preparation / Thinking about uttering to cover all the acceptable logic / Realizing the personal feeling and the sense of presence in your speech / Set yourself your own way / Rely on expression with features and movement of your eyes / Pay attention to your body and language of movement at the time of presentation / Talking to yourself and how to prepare the language movement / Preserving feelings Agreeing to deliver/good communication with the audience.

Note: The courses vary according to recent developments in their time and the target group of trainees

Number of hours: 24 training hours
course work