Social media and communication skills

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Our media was limited to newspapers, television, and radio. They were like the fourth power, and had a great impact on all cultural, economic, and other levels. Today, the media has become larger than before with the entry of platforms and social media, influencing a larger number and segment of it, and making it like a second power, if not The most exaggerated media today starts the war, stops it, turns on the light on certain points and extinguishes it, sheds light, agitates public opinion and directs it. Today, the media has become dozens of times larger than before and has expanded with the introduction of social media

The power of social networking sites has become a reality that everyone knows, and almost all of us have become a part of it, just as it has become a part of our lives. More importantly, it has become necessary to achieve our goals and crucial in terms of our access to distinctive opportunities, which makes our electronic presence through it need more effectiveness and distinction.

Course topics

Electronic presence/Types of content/Steps for building electronic presence/The 7 elements that make up communication/Social media policies/General ideas for a distinctive electronic presence/Social media…a necessity?/Sharing content/Scheduling content/Setting goals/Managing platforms/Relationship with customers/Marketing plan / Time control / Marketing / Marketing objectives / Strengthening relationships / Customer behaviours / Content evaluation / Performance measurement / General advice.

Course results

– Social media basics, in which we will learn about ways to integrate social media into the marketing plan

– Social media strategies in understanding audience behavior and coordinating work on social media platforms

– It deals with interactivity in social media platforms and building relationships between us and the audience on the Internet

– Quick tips for developing social media platforms

The target group is for all age groups

Course type: Online

Note: Courses vary according to recent developments at the time and the target segment of trainees

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Number of hours: 2 hours and 12 minutes

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