Setting goals

In this course:
You will be able to start setting clear personal goals to enhance your success. You will develop a goal setting mindset. You will find what you really want in life. You will create a concrete plan to reach your goal using spreadsheets and goal setting activities
You will plan your day in detail and know exactly what goal you will reach before tomorrow. You will be able to gain valuable time each day from your goal setting skills You will have a digital daily, weekly, monthly and yearly planner You will make a year-long plan that will really help you reach your goals You will create an action plan Focus on your goals and there is no time to waste
Your actions will align with your life goals You will make a plan to know what to stop, continue or start doing in order to achieve your goals You will be able to make the best decisions to advance your life You will identify the reasons for your current situation You will be able to assess the risks You will create an empowering vision board You will create a path through life You will lead the SMART goal setting process with real examples You will improve effective problem-solving skills through performance goal setting activities You will develop a continuous improvement mindset You will You upgrade your life by raising your standards You will know if your daily habits will lead you to reach your goals You will change your lazy habits into high-performance habits that match your goals You will remove all those unnecessary activities that prevent you from achieving what you want You will save time, energies, money and resources / You will identify problems, establish outcomes, and plan the resources needed to achieve the end goal / You will combine your motivations with strategies for planning concrete goals.

In this course we will learn:
To begin to understand the importance, benefits and value of goal setting Dive into creating your own daily, weekly, monthly and yearly action plan Use real examples to manage the SMART goal setting Develop your decision-making skills Accelerate your workflow by removing distractions Aligning motivation strategies and goal planning To create an amazing future Finding out what to stop / Keep doing / Starting to develop a continuous improvement mindset / Creating a vision board that works / Discovering what you really want and making big life decisions / Building daily habits that will lead you to reach goals like saving time, energy and money and resources every day.

Training plan:
Unit One: Concepts of setting goals Unit Two: Setting priorities and getting to know Unit Three: Developing personal and group action plans Unit Four: Organizational skills and teamwork.


Note: Technical courses vary according to recent developments in their time and the target group of trainees

Number of hours: 22 training hours
course work