Satellite Broadcasting Technology

We often see the word (LIVE) on television, which means a live broadcast of events as they occur, even though the broadcast satellite is about 36,000 kilometers away from the viewing place. This tremendous development in the rapid transmission of sound and image with accuracy and clarity is the result of the rapid development of digital video broadcasting technology (Digital Video Broadcast). Hence, this course is designed to enable participants to use this technology optimally, not only in their work, but in their daily lives, in addition to learning about satellite technologies and how these satellites work.

Course objectives: Gain basic knowledge of the principles of digital TV broadcasting / Know how TV channels work / Get to know the principles and practices of digital TV broadcasting in an organized manner / Understand satellite broadcasting techniques / Gain sound information on understanding the engineering principles of European digital TV broadcasting and operational concepts for extending Networking / Acquire new terminology in digital broadcasting / Learn about Internet broadcasting techniques / Know what jamming is and how it works.

Note: Technical courses vary according to recent developments in their time and the target group of trainees

Number of hours: 20 training hours
course work