Meetings Management

The objective of the program is to develop the skills to organize and manage meetings and committees in a correct scientific manner, as well as to prepare and draft meeting minutes in an effective manner.
The course for public and private secretarial staff / public relations staff / office managers and session rapporteurs
The main themes: the concept, types and importance of meetings / The difference between the conference, the symposium, the session and the committee / The stage of preparation for the meeting and the preparation of the agenda and the invitation to the meeting / Oral and written communications and their relationship to meetings / Quorum and powers of the chair / How to manage the session and discuss the agenda items / How to intervene, object and vote / Patterns of the participants and the strategy for dealing with them / Post-meeting stage and preparing a draft of the minutes / Formal and substantive conditions for writing meeting minutes / How to prepare and draft the minutes of meetings and committees / Follow up on the implementation of the decisions and proposals of the meeting.
Course type: in-person / online
Note: The courses vary according to recent developments in their time and the target group of trainees

Number of hours: 20 training hours
course work