Media and Communication Skills

To everyone who wants to acquire great skills in media and communication management, and to learn about communication technology and how to deal with it. Adding events and personalities to the news or showing it at the specific time or showing it with the news or a group of news in order to impose an unconscious analytical result on the recipient and this image is present in the modern media in a striking way. Through the many methods, the most important of which is choosing the appropriate mechanism for the presentation, the appropriate timing, and choosing the appropriate influences in order to accept the views as in the visual media, and try to gather support for that point of view.
The course of dealing with the media aims to convey information in an efficient manner to serve objective goals of all forms of institutions, whether governmental or private, through television, radio, newspapers, the Internet, conferences, or any media that allows access to the largest number of people. This course is designed to assign relevant and responsible persons to become familiar with the foundations and rules of dealing with the media in real circumstances, in addition to providing the participants with a lot of skills related to understanding media tools and the media in general / familiarizing themselves with the rules of dealing with the media (TV, radio, interviews, conferences. ..) / The ability to understand the media tools, and get to know the concept of media in general / Learn to prepare well for interviews and employ them for the benefit of objective objectives.
Target group: managers of institutions and companies / businessmen wishing to develop their skills in media management. / Broadcasters and program presenters in the media / Students and graduates of media management faculties in various universities / Anyone wishing to develop their expertise to work in the field of dealing with media.

Note: Technical courses vary according to recent developments in their time and the target group of trainees

Number of hours: 30 training hours
course work