Marketing of TV and Radio Programs

Television is like a box shaped garden, yet programs plant it.” Television programs are not just a space of time that we fill on the screen with any casual ideas, special interests, or personal impressions. The eye captivates the heart and paves the way for the brain to receive the media content and what it contains of information, attitudes, ideas, opinions, behaviors and values, with high professionalism and committed responsibility, based on the mission and vision of the media institution and working to achieve its goals.

With the acceleration of science and technology, and the transformation of many media institutions into profit and service means, it has become useful to find new promotional means that suit the diversity of viewers’ tastes and the change of media outlets.

Advertising is one of the old media arts, and its forms vary according to the type of media medium, and its role and services vary according to the institution itself, but even obtaining an advertisement or sponsorship for a program requires several steps to convince the advertiser, and to maintain the general framework of the media institution in a way that does not lose credibility. But reaching success begins with a single step.

The marketing process for the programs begins after the development of the program cycle. All these steps are preceded by studying the needs of the local market and the economic sectors within the country, and sometimes the market of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and at other times studying the market of the neighboring regions, or that we seek to find in different countries. But before talking about the type of study carried out by the media organization, it must be emphasized that all the steps taken by the television team are basically in line with the policy of the institution, regardless of the money that may be generated from placing any program on the map of the program cycle.

Although many Arab universities specialized in the field of media have begun to turn to subspecialties in this field, they have not yet allocated a department for marketing media programs to be taught according to specific scientific standards, so the matter has become just an imitation of the marketing methods carried out by Western media. This in itself is one of the main obstacles facing the field of marketing programs in the media institutions within the country. In addition, some media organizations do not support this section of the institution, so they resort to the shortest and most fortunate ways, as they believe, by assigning the task to well-known advertising agencies to promote this or that program.
Among the course objectives: Knowing the marketing programs and their differences / Knowing the most important points that affect the strength of advertisements / Avoiding mistakes that some people make when marketing / Knowing the most important strategies that can be implemented for marketing success / Evaluating marketing campaigns and knowing their strengths and weaknesses.


Note: Technical courses vary according to recent developments in their time and the target group of trainees

Number of hours: 24 training hours
course work