Film content analysis

Media content analysis helps to compare the mass media in terms of its topics, trends, and objectives, measures the extent to which the media applies the media foundations, and contributes to obtaining assumptions about the impact of the media on the public and other benefits that help officials to make decisions, and individuals understand what is going on around them.
The analysis of media content, whether it is written texts, images, films, graphics, or music, is a very important topic in media studies, because it is supposed to lead to an understanding and appreciation of the strength and nature of the media influence process.
Whether it’s watching in a large, dark movie theater or on a pirated CD in a small room and on a smaller computer, watching movies is one of the most popular entertainment activities in the world, despite the fact that it’s been more than 100 years since the first commercial cinema show and its changes However, cinema has always been a cultural and intellectual product and a rich method of communication between people. The film does not present reality as it is, but rather reproduces it in a way that matches the vision of the filmmakers, regardless of the orientations of this vision. Therefore, it is not enough to know the plot and the characters in the film, as there are a number of elements, starting from the “poster” through the music, lighting, method of shooting and other elements that each have a special and focused meaning.
The shift came from the abstract text to the images that spread in the digital age, in order to describe the multi-media in communicative practices in terms of textual, audio, linguistic, spatial and visual resources used in the composition of the content.
Course objectives: Knowing the importance of content analysis / Familiarity with the methods and types of content analysis / Training on the steps of content analysis.
Course topics: the meaning of content analysis / methods of content analysis / how to choose the subject of study / samples of content analysis studies / the completion of each trainee a content analysis study.
In this course, you will gain depth and understanding of these media contents.

Note: Technical courses vary according to recent developments in their time and the target group of trainees

Number of hours: 30 training hours
course work