Effective Negotiation Skills

In our daily lives, we are subject to many constant bargains and negotiations, which requires mastering special skills to save time and effort, in addition to achieving actual gains on the ground.
Through negotiation skills, we will help you manage this skill professionally, from how to start negotiations in a proper way, to the most effective strategies that achieve the best possible gains.
At the end of the negotiation skills course, we will learn about the different purposes and types of negotiation, the concept of the negotiating communication process and the best strategies used in it. In addition to the above, the course deals with the method of managing the negotiating situation, as well as the most important tips on the requirements and methods of negotiation.
This training program is to provide participants with effective methods and scientific concepts related to the negotiation process, and to develop their capabilities in facing negotiation problems on the basis of awareness of the nature, components and risks of negotiation, while presenting the events of trends in negotiation methods and strategies, as well as planning and preparing the negotiation process and tactics of managing sessions.
Course topics: What is the definition of negotiation? What are the purposes of negotiation? / Types of negotiation? / Concept of the negotiation communication process / Effective negotiation strategies / Advice on requirements and methods of negotiation.
A skill that everyone needs: managers and administrators / sellers and marketers / legal and politicians / financial and investors / educators and parents / teachers and educators.
Note: Technical courses vary according to recent developments in their time and the target group of trainees

Number of hours: 20 training hours
course work