Brand making

Many of the brands around us grow and thrive, others weaken and fall, and others remain at the same level for several years.. You see why.
Let’s first agree that the brand is the distinct entity that contains the product or service you provide, and we express this independent private entity in different ways, so we call it a specific name and then design it a symbol or (logo) which is the personal image that you know from among thousands Brands Then we choose a special logo for it that people remember when they hear the name or see the symbol. Then we apply the advance plan to manage this independent private entity and that is why we have prepared this special course for you.
Some mistakenly think that the brand as a concept is limited between the logo and the logo of the institution, but that the brand as a concept can be described as a broad industry, through which the company reflects its corporate image, starting from its name, logo and logo, to the nature of its target market. and the nature of its services. So it is not surprising to see companies spending millions on creating a professional brand, this industry has the strength that makes the company able to grow and survive.
Through the brand industry course, you will be able to understand everything related to this industry, starting with an explanation of the concept of the right brand and its advantages for the company, in addition to its correct construction mechanism and its components, in addition to the importance of social networking sites in creating a successful branding.
Training course topics: What is a brand? / Interact with the brand / What are the advantages of a successful brand / How to build a brand? / Rebranding / Branding and Logo in Brand Making / Logo Design Schools / The Importance of Website and Social Media / What is a Branding Plan?

Note: Technical courses vary according to recent developments in their time and the target group of trainees

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